How to setup Robot Framework

Robot framework is a popular automation framework to use for acceptance test. Using the same syntax, it can run on any OS — In this tutorial, I will be using Mac.

The groundwork

use this to select the environment to work on


Because Python may get a little silly when we install many conflicting packages, it is a good practice to create virtual environment before we start working on that.

Once you are in the Virtual Environment — go ahead and install robot and selenium.

pip install robotframework
pip install robotframework-selenium2library
Notice that I am now in a “Robotsandbox” virtualEnv

Congrads, now you have Robot running on your machine !!!

If you have not already, it is a good idea to visit Robot Github page

Setting Web Driver

Safari is relatively easy to setup.

From Preference > Advance > Show developer in menu bar > Allow Remote Automation

For Chrome, it is a little harder. First go to

to get the chromedriver and place it in this path


Simple Hello Google

Library Selenium2Library
***Test case***
Open Google
Open Google
*** Variables ***
#01Welcome Page
${BROWSER} chrome
Open Google
Open Browser ${URLwelcome} ${BROWSER}

You should now see a google page

This should be enough to get you up and running.

If you want to learn more about robot framework and selenium is a good place to start

Have fun

— Pondd —